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Preparing for an Emergency

Are you ready in case of any emergency? Are your family, your loved ones, your neighbors prepared? Natural disasters can strike at any time. A little planning and preparedness can help keep your family safe. 

Important to:

    -have a plan

    -be prepared

    -be knowledgeable

    -not to wait, emergencies will happen

Below are links to materials that will aid you in planning and preparing. This takes time and should be done in stages so not to be overwhelming. There is a lot of information here, please don’t feel it has to be done overnight.


Where to start? We recommend opening the ‘Two Weeks Ready’ pdf as a good start. Then open the ‘Prepare in a Year’ pdf that outlines how to get there in stages.


We hope you find this information helpful and please email the board if you would like any additional information or have questions.

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