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Yard and structure reviews will begin June 1st. Please take note of yard work that may need attention, or exterior structure that needs repair this year. For more information on what areas are focused on, click here for the yard/structure review form.


Our neighborhood is home to a lot of wildlife. We sent an email awhile back which contains valuable information and contacts, in case you encounter wildlife. If you haven't already subscribed to our email list, please do so to the right.

Adopt a Drain!

The City of Newcastle has launched a new program to provide residents the opportunity to adopt local storm drains and become stewards for the environment. Click here for more information, and to find a drain near you to adopt!

Planning to paint  your house this coming year?

Choose your colors with our new OHA-approved exterior color palette available at Sherwin-Williams. All Olympus homeowners will receive a Contractor Discount for both exterior and interior paints! If you prefer a different paint company, you can use these color palettes to color match. Here is a list of the pre-approved exterior paint colors.


If you don't see a color you like in our palettes, be sure to fill out our Homeowner's Improvement Form and submit your preferred colors for approval.

Mailbox Thefts

Mail theft and mailbox vandalisms continue to be a problem in the area. We have installed motion-sensing lights to all mail kiosks to deter potential vandals from targeting our neighborhood. Click here for helpful information and steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of mail theft.

Olympus HOA Resources

If you are not receiving any correspondence from us after subscribing, be sure to check your junk folder and accept our email address as a trusted contact.

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