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Forms, Policies and Guidelines

View and print any document listed below by clicking on the link.  (Adobe Acrobat viewer required)


This form must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee prior to initiating any major improvements to your property (i.e., exterior paiting, new roofing, landscaping, or any other exterior change to your home or yard).

Pre-Approved Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Contract Signature

The CC&R's are governing documents that dictate how the Association operates and what rules the owners and their tenants must obey. The rules set forth in these documents are legally enforceable by the Homeowners Association.


The rules and regulations that the Association adopts to govern management of the organization

Fixing the Roof

This document outlines regulation and allowable materials for roofing and re-roofing within the Olympus neighborhood.

Japanese Calendar

The procedures for collecting yearly homeowner fees, including a collection policy.

Rake and Hoes

These guidelines are set forth by the Assocation to preserve and enhance the appearance of our neighborhood and to maintain safety along the sidewalks.

For Sale

Please review our Yard Sign Policy before posting any signs in your yard.


This form is used to designate or appoint a representative on behalf of a homeowner. Owners may choose to vote by proxy, which will allow someone else o cast a vote on their behalf.

Group Meeting

This document contains a list of the current Board members and their elected positions. It also outlines the procedures for elections, explaining when each position and Board member is up for re-election.

Tractor Detail

You are required to fill out and submit this form to the Olympus Homeowners Association if you would like to have motorized vehicle access to the Olympus Pipeline Trail.

Image by Bill Oxford

Rules and regulations regarding enforcement of governing documents.

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